Friday, October 3, 2014

A Reponse to Muscle Shoals Expenditures

From a faithful reader in answer to comments by Boyce Nesbitt and Fed Up Muscle Shoals Citizen:

I agree with Mr. Brown. Getting facts straight is real plain. Fact: close to 8 million dollars is being expended on a football program. Fact: the city council of muscle shoals is giving an additional $200,000.00 a year for the school system that enables them to spend money on the sports. Did you know that you actually can get closer to a championship than going to the finals? It's called WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP. Obviously you are closely watching the revenues of the football program which "by itself brought in $325,000.00 last year", How much is raised by those worthless plastic cards those kids are forced to sell or the parents pay $500.00. What about all those fees to play? With all that money as your are quick to brag about,  why the hell is the city council giving an extra $200,000.00 a year? Did that city council do an audit to determine what money is raised and where it is going? I seriously doubt that, since they can't seem to figure out what they are going to do with their anemic budget. Between the golf course loud sucking sound of a drowning man, and the school system's coach whining that nothing is good enough for him, those people won't ever figure it out. While the city councilmen are griping about $150,000.00 in overtime pay for POLICE AND FIRE personnel, they are throwing tax dollars in ponds and greens on a losing golf course and giving an EXTRA $200,000.00 to a school system for the whining coach, who likely will not get as close to a championship as he did last year.  Tell you what, Mr. Nesbitt, when you and those councilmen have a robbery or fire at your home - CALL A COACH. I damn well will call one of those fine police or firemen that are underpaid and unappreciated. Glad you didn't get elected to the council every time you ran, even though it would be a toss up over who is the worse of the evils. Put you in that bag with all those councilmen and shake it up and you would still pour out stinky slime. I know you went to Muscle Shoals by your grammar. Just keep on paying your taxes and be the mouthpiece for a few losers whose egos are too big to call calf rope. From what we hear on the streets, you folks are laughing about suckering that city council again. They should be so proud to be the object of a few laughs.


We'll Put a Spell on You!

Shoalanda & Friends

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  1. I must have struck a nerve from one of Shoalondas writers hiding behind the name. But I wont get into a war of words with you, but I will pray for you that you would find Jesus and we will take all that hate and anger from you, God bless you