Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vote for Tim Melson!

No one's perfect...not even close. Most elections boil down to the least objectionable. It's not a surprise that we would endorse almost any opponent of Mike Curtis (once called "Chicken Man" by Alabama blogger King Cockfight).

However, we sincerely  believe Tim Melson has the intelligence and ethics to serve this district well. Check him out: Tim Melson.


Thugs come in all shapes and sizes: It seems UNA has again made the news for athlete arrests.

We would predict since the crime is probably very low on the list of felonies (or even a possible misdemeanor depending on the value of the items), these two will get youthful offender status. We have to ask just what were these two "honor students" thinking? Will their parents let them live to reach trial or plea?



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