Sunday, October 12, 2014

Should We Have Compassion for Nichlaus Craig Harden?

One of our readers, who incidentally thought our Saturday blog was "to save our tail," stated we should have compassion for all involved. First we only linked an article--we didn't write it; however, we do feel that Mr. Slaughter could have lost financially through no fault of his own.

Second, no, we have no compassion for Nichlaus Craig Harden, as least not in comparison to his victim(s). Hardin, who's 33 and no teenager, first hit his victim over the head with a bottle and then shot him. Nice guy, huh?

So to the young lady who felt we should have compassion for Harden, we say perhaps you should have much less.


It seems this young lady went on to say we should support the few bars here. Should we have supported the Quad-Cities Knock--how many shootings took place there? How about Celebrities Bar--at least one of the victims there died?

Then there was Club 256--how many shot there? Then there was JD's Glass, shut down just last year--after how many fights and shootings?

We have to ask why all these clubs are in Sheffield? When is the last time you heard of a shooting at a Muscle Shoals club? Or one in Florence or Tuscumbia?

BTW, we probably owe Celebrities Martini Bar an apology. We were bemused that it called itself a "high class establishment" yet had to have a metal detector at the door. If DP's Grill had utilized one, the shooting would most likely not have happened.



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