Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Illicit Footballs?/Charles O'Kelley

From a reader:

The Jewelry Box in Muscle Shoals sells these footballs, but what you do not know is that Charles O'Kelley the man that took our mother from us makes these in prison!! His daughter Cheryl Mangino owns the store and every time someone buys these you are sending money to murderer!! Why he is allowed to send these from prison I don't know!! So please think twice before you go in thinking what a great gift this would be for someone and purchase one! My mother lost her life and he is making money while our tax dollars are taking care of him!!! Something is not right!!!!


Charles O'Kelley shot his wife of 17 years dead in the Union community of Franklin County. He was 51 years old at the time and agreed to a plea of 25 years in 2000. He is currently in medium security at the Fountain Correctional Facility with an end of sentence date of April 14, 2025. He was denied parole at his last hearing.



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