Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Comments on Ex-Wives & Local Cyber Sites

No, we do not accept comments on ex-wives who were never charged with theft...or anything else.They are not public personages. The fact that one who supports a certain candidate would expect us to is very telling. Yes, we did publish a question about a theft in Lexington that was not investigated. In hind sight, we would have done better to edit our reader's guest commentary. Wives and children of candidates should be off limits--period, unless the candidate himself is involved.

To the reader who commented on this crime, you didn't even get the job right and their was no arrest much less conviction. The 40K is gone. Period. There's nothing anyone can do about it. And, no, we do not know her personally. In fact we've never met the candidate or any of his ex-wives that we are aware of.

That brings us to censorship. As you've recently seen on OB's Corner, some local bloggers censor comments. We do not unless they're libelous, etc. That does not mean that we will put up with abuse of candidate's ex-wives or other family.

To the Hendershot supporter who has attempted to do this, it's called an ad hominem attack. In other words, if you can't find fault with their logic, attack their character. As we said above, it's very telling; we have not seen this tactic in the Singleton camp.


County commission? We're not going to make any recommendations in Lauderdale. The current commission is hindered by lack of home rule, so inaction is not always the commissioners' fault.

We suggest our readers research each candidate. Many of our friends and readers are supporting Danny Pettus. While we are not giving an endorsement, we do know that one could not find a more apt or honest person for the job.




  1. While I am the benevolent dictator at OB's Corner,... it is seldom I do not allow comments. But I did disallow a comment by payin4myrasin,... aka Connie Sons Gist,... it was a pro Singleton comment that was,... in my opinion, tacky. So I didn't publish it.

    1. And that's your privilege. We usually try to publish opposing views, but when they get vindictive...and not just about us but our friends as's time to do some banning. So we just banned two on FB. I doubt anyone will miss them.

    2. Yep,.. opposing is one thing, do it respectively. The vindictive part is what annoys me.