Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Reader on Frank Williamson

From a Facebook reader: Really? Are you as crooked as Frank Williamson? Obviously! You don't want to post that his backers are known felons. You don't want to post that he accepts money from MS Industries and doesn't report it (and also lies about it - check out you tube video from night at Champy's). You don't want to post that he doesn't report how much money he has spent and where. Gee Shoalanda Speaks guess you are in his pocket too. Anyone can blow smoke up your a$$ about what they are going to do or have planned but when it's smoke honey... there's fire.


We're happy to post all opinions here...this one came close to be censored because of one word. We invite all counter opinions.


Just for the record, we've never met Mr. Williamson and have certainly never received any money from him. Perhaps if Mr. Andrews had wanted more endorsements, he would have publicized his platform? Especially on animal welfare?



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