Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thoughts on Andrews, Bedford, & More

First, we apologize to Phil Andrews for a "page" that was posted to our Facebook page. It was posted by a "Pete Wells" who has no other entries using this name. This is identical to one of Andrews' supporters using a fictitious name to post comments about Williamson. We do not believe either Andrews or Williamson condone these tactics.

Wells posted what simply amounted to a misdemeanor ticket in another state. We had copies of this, and if we had wished to publish it, we would have. We don't agree with canned hunts, but that's basically all this was. We'll go out on a limb here and speculate that most men in law enforcement would probably see nothing wrong with such hunts. We consider these hunts cruel, but there is nothing intrinsically illegal about them.

From Mr. Andrews:

I went to Colorado on an Elk hunt in October 1997 (17 years ago). Once there, we hired an Outfitter so that it would be completely organized and safe. While there, I shot an elk. When I got to the elk, it had dropped less than twenty feet across a boundary line. I immediately called to ask our paid guide what I should do, and he told me that he knew the landowner personally, and there would be no problem with me taking the elk.  I returned home with the elk, and a month later I received a ticket in the mail. I paid the ticket, and was allowed to keep the elk. That’s it. That’s what happened, and I would gladly sign anything you would like that would allow you to perform a complete background check on me, as I have nothing to hide. As far as animals, you have an open invitation to come to my house anytime and visit with my pet goats, pet cows, pet 20 year old horse that I bring into my garage during winter so he doesn’t get cold, and my pet dogs (three of which are rescue dogs). It should go without saying how much I love animals (just take a look at our family photos with all of our dogs!); they are part of our family. Please come and visit all of us! And as I have stated in my prior letter, a Sheriff cannot take over Animal Control or the Animal Shelter, but I will do everything in my power to work with and help any needs they may have. Shoalanda, I am a Christian family man and husband, not the kind of person that will tell people what they want to hear and make dozens of empty promises just to be elected. I cannot do that and sleep at night. But I will make you and every citizen of Colbert County one heartfelt promise- I promise that I will work every day to the best of my ability to make Colbert County a safe place for every citizen to live, work, and play. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to speak with you.


We've had several comments about what it would take to have the Colbert County animal shelter placed under the jurisdiction of the sheriff's department. Many feel that it cannot be done without a statewide vote--due to Alabama having no home rule laws. That does not mean that it can't be done.

No matter who becomes the next sheriff in Colbert, Lauderdale, or Franklin Counties, we hope basic laws against animal cruelty are enforced. Apologies to Sheriff Oliver since it's hardly his fault, but we don't see them being enforced in Russellville, much less all of Franklin County.


We have previously stated that we would not make a recommendation in the Bedford-Stutts state senate race. We are sorely tempted to change our minds after seeing Bedford's ad in the Courier-Journal. There were two in the photo, and since both had their tongues hanging out, it was hard to tell which was which.
No, candidates, having your photo made while holding a $500.00 rifle that could take our half of the Shoals if we only had a clock tower high enough just doesn't appeal to all voters. We feel that somewhere even Charles Whitman is laughing at you.


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  1. Phil Andrews has been running for Sheriff of Colbert County for some time now. IS THIS THE BEST that anyone can come up with on him? I would say Colbert County will elect a man of honor and integrity by voting PHIL ANDREWS. Unless you are a VEGETARIAN, you are eating an animal - and yes, it was killed in order to get on your plate. For those who started the lies, find yourselves large wash cloths to wipe that egg off your face and accept that PHIL ANDREWS is an honorable man.