Friday, October 17, 2014

Tommy Oswalt/New Colbert Info?

Tommy Oswalt has been acting Revenue Commissioner for some time. He's a known and proved candidate, and Colbert County would do well to elect him to his first full term.


Now, here's where we remind you that we're not perfect. Once before we have withdrawn an endorsement...and really lived to regret that since we were right on target the first time in the Olivis-Montgomery election in Colbert County.

Therefore, we're still considering what to do here, since we have some private info about a past incident in Phil Andrews earlier years. We chose not to publish it, but it did influence our endorsement. In the interest of fairness, we're publishing this video. Please feel free to comment. Translated that means if you have more info on this, PLEASE contact us via FB or our e-mail.



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