Saturday, October 11, 2014

When Your Photo Is Used to Advertise a Business...

Yesterday we linked an article about a shooting at DP's Classic Grill in Sheffield. I can speak only for us here, but none of us has ever worked at any establishment where gunfire took place. This is obviously not the social norm.

DP's Classic Grill advertised its Friday entertainment on their Facebook page, and this was picked up in an article on another site. It was Ladies Night. I'm not sure how many ladies attended after the shooting, but to each her own. The article we linked used the photo/advertisement for that Friday's entertainment. I can find nowhere that anyone accused the DJ of shooting anyone. We do assume he decided to go on as scheduled.

This gentleman seems talented...too talented to be working at a dive. We wish him the best.


In keeping with our thoughts on this gentleman, we are linking his FB page. I can't say how many here are into hiphop music, but nonetheless it takes talent to succeed. We wish Mr. Slaughter the best...and that includes a gig at a nicer venue. We also encourage you to like his page.




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