Sunday, October 26, 2014

(An Edited) View from a Reader on Two Races

This missive from a friend is edited only to cut extraneous topics and to protect the writer's identity:

Lauderdale Sheriff race:

I know Rick, and have met Mr. Hendershot and know people that are supporting him that I think a lot of. Having many family members and friends in Lauderdale county, I haven't given much thought to that race since I have friends on both sides and don't live there.

It has been rather amusing to watch the postings you've made and the fun you've poked at Hendershot for his active past. Maybe a lover and not a fighter? (Just a little side bar humor). But, with all joking aside, that is an important office, and will require a lot of cleaning up after Ronnie Willis and Jr. Witt. And yes, I do know them personally and have knowledge of quite a few of their questionable pasts and activities.

Colbert Sheriff race:

That brings me to these thoughts. I am a resident of Muscle Shoals and Colbert County and am concerned about the Sheriff's race. I supported Jim Berryman openly in the democratic primary for several reasons. Knowing both Berryman and Williamson for some time, he was the better candidate for many reasons, but that is not for debate at this time since the voters spoke in the primary and Williamson is the candidate.

I'm interested in many things about Frank and the similarities to Hendershot. I try to always verify rumors I hear, so, I went online and to the courthouse to view records on Frank when questions were raised about his past that I was not aware of. I've seen the records on multiple marriages (similar to Hendershot) and many records on minor tickets and violations over the past few years.Friends in Cherokee have also verified the truth to problems with his employment at the Telephone Company there.

As far as Andrews, I began to ask people and customers that I knew personally and trusted to tell me why they were supporting Andrews so strongly. What I heard repeatedly was that Andrews was a hardworking man. He would tell you what he believed and stood for and not just what they wanted to hear. They told me about his family and his devotion to his wife and children. The words I heard often were "character", "dependable", "trustworthy", "hard worker", "helping".

It's concerning to me that what little I have found on Frank appears to be parallel to Hendershot, that you have not published those things in the same manner you have published many times on Hendershot. Frank is in his 4th marriage and has multiple traffic tickets and also a lien placed on him in the past. He is running on his father being a preacher and going into churches, nursing homes, gatherings, etc., and praying and singing gospel songs. Something Hendershot should have thought of too.

Shoalanda, I think you should know me pretty well by my past letters to you. I won't vote in any race if it's the "lesser of the evils". That is as well as throwing away a vote. I have to believe in the person I am voting for, or I am no better than the lesser of the evils.


We'll make these observations about our friend's comments:

1. For the umptheenth time, we have commented on Hendershot's five marriages since he is campaigning on "family values." Mr. Williamson is not using any such mottos in his campaign. If readers remember, we endorsed Jim Berryman in the primary.

2. The lesser of two evils? So you don't vote? If you don't vote, you may be responsible for the greater of two evils being elected. Just a thought...

3. Even though we have endorsed Frank Williamson in Colbert, Phil Andrews' supporters have been polite and offered constructive comments. Supporters for Augie Hendershot have been vulgar, belligerent, and even threatening. That does not mean Augie supports his "supporters," but it is telling.


Two evils? That brings us to Roger Bedford v. Larry Stutts.  We've heard too many tell of Stutts' paternalism to feel he's much better than Bedford (for years before he entered politics). We will leave the decision up to readers, but should you consider them equally good or bad, remember Bedford has clout--something Stutts will take years to build up. It's also much easier for an attorney to make time for the legislative session than a physician. Vote your conscience on this one.



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  1. Maybe best advice would be on ALL ELECTIONS would be what Phil Roberson said:

    VOTE IN GODLY MEN...for crying out loud. Common sense tells you if you can't find any GODLY, then vote in the most GODLY you can find...