Monday, October 13, 2014

Colbert County Sheriff Endorsement

We at first contemplated not making an endorsement for this office; however, one candidate has been very forthcoming with excellent plans for the department, while the other has not. It should be noted that one can do only so much with the funds at hand. After all, if Shoalanda had a Maserati instead of a Ford Taurus, she might be able to drive faster. So it is with all government offices--one can do only so much, so look for the one who seems most aware and most able.We are endorsing Frank Williamson, albeit a Democrat, for the position of Sheriff of Colbert County.

While on the subject of this office, we want to commend the current administration. Unlike Lauderdale where we receive numerous reports of malfeasance, sexual dalliances, lawsuits, and FBI investigations, the Colbert sheriff seems to have run a reasonably efficient office.

Let's hope whoever should win the November election will continue to move Colbert County forward.


We've had several questions about our Sheffield club comments. It's not difficult to see that clubs/bars in Sheffield have an inordinately high number of violent acts...some ending in death.

We understand that one can get more bang for his/her buck in Sheffield rent wise, but we also have to ask if Sheffield is much more lenient in its issuance of licenses for such establishments. We welcome comments.




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