Friday, September 23, 2011

Mac McAnally/Grand Jury Updates

Since we've been spotlighting local artists this week, Mac picked the perfect time to release his album. Obviously, with this Red Bay native's talent, any time is perfect. You can pre-order Mac's latest, Live in Muscle Shoals, on his website. The album will be released October 11th. Congratulations, Mac, on your many nominations and awards.


The recent Franklin County grand jury docket didn't include Kimberly Bynum, the Vina teacher arrested last June for having sex with an under-age student. Authorities state Bynum will be on the next docket scheduled before the end of the year.

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The latest Colbert County grand jury did indict Crystal Sutton Huddleston on charges that she embezzled 65K from 911 funds. Huddleston is now a Scentsy representative.

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