Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update on "Save Cypress Creek"/Domestic Violence

From Scott Ruffrage:

CRITICAL VOTE: TUES. SEPT. 6TH @ 5:00PM @ CITY AUDITORIUM! This is what we have been fighting for, for two years. This is the "make it or break it" moment for the City of Florence! Your voice and presence is critical in helping to SAVE CYPRESS CREEK. Show your support and be there.


The new domestic violence law went into effect September 1st. We've received several questions about the law. Some have asked what constitutes a domestic relationship. According to the law in Alabama it includes: Anyone related by blood or marriage, spouses, ex-spouses, two people who share a child/children, or two people who have lived together within the past ten months. Other states may extend the period of co-habitation up to two years.

We sincerely hope that any of our readers who feel endangered will consult with an attorney or Safeplace.