Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National Alabama Calls It Quits!

While it may be great news (we sincerely hope) that there will be new jobs coming to the Shoals when Navistar takes over the Barton facility on January 1st, what of the 120 or so employees who now toil in the vineyard of rail car manufacture? What of others who specifically trained as welders in order to qualify for a job that will not be forthcoming?

Apparently when TimesDaily reporter Trevor Stokes let the cat out of the bag months ago, the powers that be were indeed looking for a new company to take over the mile long plant. Why the smokescreen? Or should should we call it something more sinister?

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Now, about those law suits... We assume a company that manufactures automotive engines will not be taking over the debt and legal responsibilities of National Alabama. Looks like our state retirees are out of luck.

Obviously you win some and you lose some. The Shoals lost here, and Dr. David Bronner will write it off and rest on his other investment laurels. Our main problem is the lack of truth that has been forthcoming from both the company and the local press. Our local rag didn't have to report on all the successes of National Alabama--mythical achievements--yet it did. What does that tell us?


If you're like us you love new blogs. A reader recently sent us a link to one written by "coach422002." My, my, we can certainly see how some bloggers do give others a bad name. More to follow...