Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bronner to Sell Rail Car Plant?

The past several months have been filled with rumors concerning the Barton rail car plant--now officially named National Alabama. Most of what we have heard--multiple times--we have not been able to substantiate.

However, the ShoalsInsider has just published an excellent article by Mary Ann Riley. We urge everyone to read this account of the current state of National Alabama:

Riley's article not only confirms much of what we've been told, but delves into areas of which we were not aware. The article is so compelling that we now believe the rumor of David Bronner's anxious attempts to sell National Alabama is true.

Unfortunately, Riley is not able to elucidate us on the ABI's numerous visits to the plant; we can say changes in leadership at the plant have been documented. As for those who believe Federal charges will soon be levied against ex-executives with National Steel Car, they may very well be correct, but we have heard of no Federal agencies involved in the investigation.

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