Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wallace Sears & An Ambitious Idea

Wallace Sears has an ambitious idea--he plans to make a 90 minute movie about the early recording industry in Muscle Shoals. Apparently the only thing holding Mr. Sears back is a lack of funding...and, to be perfectly honest, perhaps his association with the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia.

This kind of publicity would be invaluable to the area. Let's hope our local governments take note and intervene to get this film in theatres as soon as possible. Sears states he has one thousand venues lined up once the film is completed.

Good luck, Mr. Sears and all those working on the film: Link


One of the writers for the film Sweet Home Alabama: The Music of Muscle Shoals is Terry Pace. Terry does a tremendous job with his Florence Library film series, as well as Pillar of Fire Productions. Terry is also involved in many other projects for which he receives no credit.

We can't think of anyone more fitting for a local hero than Terry Pace. Thank you, Terry, for all your efforts in bringing first class entertainment to the Shoals.

What's up with this: The Franklin County Firefighters' Association had long suspected treasurer Pam Gay Taylor of theft? What? They didn't want to hurt her feelings? Well, it is Franklin County.