Friday, January 7, 2011

Amanda Duboise Watkins Bipolar?

Was Amanda Duboise Watkins in the midst of a bipolar manic episode when she allegedly performed fellatio on a 15 year-old former student? The one-time junior high English teacher and her defense attorney Ralph Holt may well run this scenario up the flagpole. According to one psychiatric journal:

People with bipolar disorder experiencing hypersexuality may:

  • Have multiple sex partners
  • Think about sex constantly
  • Have one-night stands
  • Be more interested in pornography
  • Notice a difference in their sexual behaviors
  • Engage in other reckless behaviors like driving too fast or gambling
It's a pretty good guess the state's psychiatrist will play down any manic behavior in Watkins' past.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has completed the draft environmental impact statement for the proposed disposal and redevelopment of 1,400-acre of its Muscle Shoals Reservation. We invite your comments on it; comments should be submitted by February 28, 2011. Copies are available at public libraries in the Muscle Shoals area and online at

See the website for more information on the proposal, instructions on submitting comments, and how to request a copy of the document. You may also contact:

Stanford E. Davis, Senior NEPA Specialist Tennessee Valley Authority
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 11D
Knoxville, TN 37902
Phone: 865-632-2915


Eyesore of the week: Travel east on Tennessee Street, enjoy the mix of old and new, stop at the traffic light on Poplar Street. The first five seconds are enjoyable. You're looking at the Knight & Humphries Real Estate office, a very attractive office. The second five seconds at the red light are less enjoyable. What's that rusted sign in front of the Knight & Humphries building? Is it a donut?

Yep, that's a rusted donut left over from the 1970s...or was it the 1960's. This sign is even more hideous than the WVNA white elephant adjoining McFarland Park. Surely Knight & Humphries can either find a fitting sign for their business or, if not, simply remove this monstrosity from the streetscape. Considering the work put into making their offices attractive to the passing public, they have to know this past its prime pastry is no selling point for their business.