Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jefferson Davis? Really?

According to M.J. Ellington, Montgomery based reporter for both the TimesDaily and the Decatur Daily, yesterday was not only the holiday honoring the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. but also a state holiday dedicated to Jefferson Davis.

Perhaps Ms. Ellington had President Davis on her mind since our new governor referred to him in his inaugural address...or perhaps she doesn't know the difference between Davis and Gen. Robert E. Lee? Obviously she has some brushing up to do for the sesquicentennial.


Bloggers being only human (yep, we're pretty sure), sometimes become tired, or retire, of perhaps just take a vacation. We've recently deleted two links from our blog list due to inactivity. Rest assured, if these blogs are resurrected, we will again add them to our "must read" list. In the mean time, we're adding On the Road Again, a weight loss blog by our favorite Brown Recluse.


We hope everyone will read one of our newer blogs today...Dino's Deliberations. Today's topic is a fact of life for most of us at some point in our lives. We hope you'll view the video and the beautiful picture of Molly and remember those who are no longer at your side.