Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shady Court Closes/Andrea Gonzalez' Skull?

We were about to add the Shady Court Motel on East 12th Avenue in Sheffield to our Eyesore list when a reader sent us a link concerning its closing. The building, open or closed for business, is still an eyesore; however, it is apparently no longer the home for several registered sex offenders.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety still lists three registered offenders as residing at the motel. We hope the Sheffield Police Department knows where these individuals are currently living...because the State seems to have no clue.


Above is a map of the Fox Trap Community (bottom right) in relation to Littleville in Colbert County. Last week a supposedly human skull was found in the Fox Trap Community--a skull that was initially identified as belonging to a child. Forensic investigators from Florence have since stated the skull is that of an adult; however, we've had several inquiries as to the possibility of the remains belonging to Andrea Gonzalez, the young girl who disappeared from her Russellville home in 1993.

For those who might not be aware of the details of Andrea's disappearance, here's a link giving the most accurate background for the troubled child: Link

Do we think the skull is Andrea's. No. We're not even sure it's human, considering the famous bear foot find of last year. If it is human, either an animal dragged the skull away from the rest of the body or the head was severed from the body and each dumped in different locations. We sincerely hope the skull does belong to an animal or a long-dead native American. The problem with the latter, due to the acidity of local soil, bones may totally decay in less than a century.

And if it is Andrea Gonzalez? Many months ago a reader sent us a transcript of a statement attributed to Andrea's stepmother Kim. We'll publish it tomorrow.


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