Monday, January 3, 2011

Rebecca Narmore, Cherokee, & Ethics

Cherokee, O’ Cherokee: A Little Dose of Fact

By J.J. Ray

The Holidays saw a lot of activity in the village of Cherokee. The mayor, a fugitive from a Viagra roundup, apparently managed to have himself sued by his own attorney. Not only did she sue him and the city, but part of the city council. What is more amazing is she has previously personally represented two council members and city clerk Melinda Malone and husband Mike.

Now the question is, Ms. Narmore, exactly how do you accomplish that and maintain attorney-client privilege? Second, how do you satisfy the Alabama Bar Association that there is no conflict of interest without someone filing charges against you?

According to the suit that has been filed Melinda Malone is right up there with public enemy number one. Perhaps the noises that have been coming from the mayor’s house are the pillory he is constructing. A picture is included, Mr. Mayor, in case you need help. For sure, you need to have your wife knit a Scarlet Letter and force her to wear it everywhere she goes. No, that would be a violation of her civil rights. You should be an authority on that by now.

All the crimes that the clerk and council have been accused of were actually voted on by a majority in the democratic fashion. I do have the minutes, Mr. Mayor, in case you have misplaced them. Have you explained to the city residents that should your indictment and prosecution of the city clerk and council members fail, the city could be financially responsible? Oh, dog gone, maybe I should not have let the cat out of the bag.

This whole mess stinks to high heaven and beyond. It is about time a full investigation by the State Attorney General's office looked into your mess Mr. Mayor and your wannabe secretary.

Not only is this all in the minutes but it is available on video. Remember when Ms. Narmore said she would remain you personal attorney, Mr. Mayor? Did you or your wannabe secretary bother to check the statutes concerning the powers and responsibilities of the city clerk Melinda Malone? I did not think so. I have those also if you would like a copy. A copy of the actual lawsuit is available and can be posted if anyone would like to read the utter nonsense that is included in it. The minutes and video are also available.

Perhaps, Mr. Mayor, you should stick to studying Viagra and its effects, it appears you are suffering from a lack of blood flow to the brain. You might want to cut back some. I would hate to see any more dementia set in.


Whoa, folks, we were about to post a photo of Tuscumbia attorney Rebecca Narmore when we visited her website: Link

Presbyopia is a horrible thing to endure, but do any of you under the age of 95 see the required disclaimer as to the quality of services rendered by Narmore? We don't. We do see her preferred method of payment is cash.

Any anti-Chuck/Thelma readers out there? Now's your chance to strike a blow for the city council. That, gentle reader, was sarcasm. We don't suggest any of you attempt to get back at anyone, but we do wonder why no disclaimer. This will not go over well if she is reported for other ethics they true or not.