Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Better 2011!

It starts with us, with you, with everyone in the Shoals. Will all in our tri-county area vow to produce a better world in this new year? No, but if only one out of 10 should do so, just think what we could accomplish.

We've been lobbying for a better highway system. This goal takes the State of Alabama to accomplish, as well as funding from the Federal government. There are also those who feel this might not improve our lot in Shoals. We disagree, but we will today look down our list to item number two: A cleaner Shoals: No litter, no junk, no dilapidated buildings, no faded signs, no tattered US flags. This we can accomplish.

A local attorney once commented that the Shoals isn't Aspen. We agree, but neither is it Tobacco Road or Box Alley. We don't have to live in Aspen to expect our neighbors to rid their front yard of a rusty 1962 Studebaker.

Each day we pass eyesores that are a blight on our image. Make a mental note, make a written note, contact your town council. One call or letter might not get the problem taken care of, but then again it just might...

Our first project is the condemnation of the WVNA sign adjacent to O'Neal Bridge. We've been promised the 70 year-old span across the Tennessee River will be repainted in 2011. Now's the time to spruce up the adjoining areas.

Together we can do it. That's not political hype; that's a fact.

Happy New Year,