Friday, January 28, 2011

Ron Sparks Gets a Raise

As Agriculture Commissioner, Ron Sparks made $79,026.00 annually. Now as Gov. Bentley's pick to direct the newly minted Rural Development Office, he'll be making 80K a year. Where else but in Alabama politics? Several pundits have already commented on Bentley's lack of organization...and from our point of view, they were being overly kind. Of course, Sparks is nothing if not rural and he's done quite a bit of developing of his own finances...


Two local items were on the January 2011 Certificate of Need meeting canceled by Gov. Bentley. You may see the entire agenda here: Link


Want to hear more from Mo Brooks? Or would that be less? It seems Mo is now on Twitter. Shades of TK the AG, you can find him at MoInTheHouse.

Okay, we have to say it, please tell us it doesn't include audio clips of Rep. Brooks rapping...


Will it be a Publix? Or a Whole Foods? With our luck, it'll be a new Pete's Meats...