Saturday, January 29, 2011

HKH Loses CEO/Cherokee Loses First Lady

Helen Keller Hospital is losing its longtime Chief Executive Officer Bill Anderson; however, plans for a search for his replacement are already in place. Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers will be leading the search. Spillers say he knows what the Sheffield based hospital needs.

We have no lack of faith in Spillers' qualifications in deciding what any medium sized hospital needs in order to run efficiently and economically. We do hope the Huntsville CEO will take the opinions of Colbert Countians into consideration. It is their hospital...or at least it was.


It seems Tina Lansdell has left Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell and is joining the opposing camp. We have no word on whom she will actually support in the next mayoral election, but we do have a (slightly edited) report from J. J. Ray:

It has been confirmed that the wife of Mayor Señor De La Viagra has separated herself from him. Apparently, the posting on his facebook page struck a painful nerve with the missus. Apparently the facebook episode was the last straw that ended 18 years of marriage.

The fire and rescue squad was observed meeting in a Tuscumbia restaurant on Monday without Mayor Señor De La Viagra. Something must be amiss in the quaint village. My goodness, has the mayor sinned and been caught?

Perhaps he is a candidate for the Pillory instead of the city clerk Mrs. Malone. I hope this is a reprieve for her and perhaps the alienated spouse of the mayor would like the rotten vegetable concession for the cad. Apparently, Karma has struck the mayor with a vengeance.


Tuscumbia Post Office in mid-1950s: Link

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