Sunday, January 16, 2011

Larry Fisher & Ben Tate--Getting It Right

Ramon's on South Court Street

Today the TimesDaily published an extremely well done piece on Remembering Florence, the Facebook page run by Florence native Larry Fisher. Thanks to Tom Smith for an excellent article on an endeavor that adds to our city and the entire Shoals area.

We've done blogs on Larry's contributions to our area before, but today we're going to add Ben Tate to the list of those who are selflessly attempting to improve our town's image. Ben is an excellent photographer. If you haven't yet seen his many original photographs, you are in for a treat. Ben has spent countless hours documenting Florence as it is today; those who come after us will undoubtedly learn more about our town in the early 21st Century from his work than from any other source.

However, if you haven't yet visited the site, don't expect it to be all new photos. Old images are appearing every day. We're going to compare it to YouTube's cache of old Hank Williams videos--images no one knew existed.

We've called Larry a hero before for standing up to those from Sweetwater who were verbally abusing anyone who asked questions about its owner and its finances. Now, we're calling him a hero twice over for his time-consuming work of love.


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