Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Improve Our Airport & Do Away With The National Debt

Like today's blog title? The two topics are not even related, you say? Yes, they do have one commonality: Both may be impossible.

We've recently been focusing on improving the Shoals and have stated the easiest thing we can do as individuals is demand an area wide cleanup. So, technically, a few coats of paint and perhaps some architectural renovations could improve our airport, but is this what we think of when discussing how to better the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport?

We've heard great misgivings concerning the past makeup of the Airport Authority Board, but often the representative chosen by various Shoals governments is the only one who applied. This seems surprising in itself since being a member of the Airport Board sounds vastly more appealing than, say, the City Dump and Refuse Committee. Finding those to serve on any local board is a major problem in this area. The only larger problem seems to be acquiring the then necessary approval for the new member.

There's no easy answer to this lack of interest, but we do suggest replacing the small classified announcement of such openings with a larger ad. The improved quality of applicants would be well worth the extra expense.

However, a lack of local interest in airport governance is hardly the most pressing problem. What's an airport without air service? A local wag has suggested we could turn the runway into a drag strip, but obviously the field will always be needed by local pilots. The questions: Is that all we expect from the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport?

Tomorrow: Gulfstream Airlines


More on Eyesores:
We will be limiting our list to the ten worst eyesores in the Shoals--at least those known to us. As one is taken care of, we will add another to take its place. Please continue to send in your nominations on commercial eyesores.


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