Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Have the Last Word

Under the category of Obituaries as Entertainment: Many people, indeed most people, like to have the last word. There's one way that never fails: Leave your feuding family out of your obituary while telling the world how much you loved your friends.


A second source has contacted us concerning the recent fire at Sidelines II. Fire marshals investigating the Muscle Shoals blaze state the fire began on the east side of the metal structure; the kitchen is located on the west side. We've also been told to anticipate an arrest in the fire within the next ten days.


We may need to take up a collection for Democratic State Senator Roger Bedford who's experiencing changes under Republican leadership. According to the Montgomery Advertiser:

Some senators have their own administrative assistant while, in some offices, two senators may share one. Sen. Roger Bedford, Russellville, for example, went from having his own administrative assistant to a smaller office down the hall where he shares an assistant with another Democratic senator.


Any Travis Wammack fans out there? Link