Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Report: National Alabama Sued for 354K

Last time I was in the plant it was pretty much idle. Very clean place, though. Great security team, it takes forever to get checked in the gate. Don't want any of those rail cars stolen I would guess.
- From the TimesDaily Forum

Apparently security is a top priority for the National Alabama Corporation. In fact, security is so important that the rail car company contracted with Open Options for a security system costing at least $354,009.00. We say at least that much since Open Options has filed a claim for that amount. Due to the size of the claim, the suit will be held in Colbert County Circuit Court.

Open Options is located in Carrollton, Texas, and serves companies across the Southeast. Calling their innovative security line DNA Fusion, the company courts customers who use open architecture. You can read more about Open Options at this link.

Security is needed at any manufacturing entity. The price of scrap metal alone would attract the unscrupulous to the Barton plant; however, we have to ask what is so top secret that this much high tech security is required. We also have to ask why National Alabama doesn't have the money to pay Open Options.