Monday, September 13, 2010

A Few Words About National Alabama

In a previous blog, we suggested the TimesDaily should have asked employees how they felt about National Alabama severing ties with its parent company in Hamilton, Ontario. As far as we know, no employees have yet been interviewed, but here are some comments collected from

My husband was to interview and hire, was told by another NAC employee that he cannot hire someone with tatoos or facial hair, regardless of their qualifications. I don't think this is right, they should employ the best person for the position. I realize that the company wants to look good, but in my personal opinion, not hiring someone because of a beard or tatoo is being prejudiced.

They changed my husband's payday on us, causing problems for us, he didn't get his first check when he was supposed to. When he asked if he would be paid on the new date, their response was "You'll just have to wait and see."

I realize I sound disgruntled, but I am a college educated professional whose family has lost everything because of this company. It wasn't right, but they got away with it. I wish we had never gotten involved with them.


The starting salaries were good (as far as my husband went), travel was there... in Canada a lot. Benefits weren't too good. NAC has good ideas, state of the art facility is awesome but they make too many changes too often. This will hurt them eventually (I believe it already has). No perks or treats for employees.


My husband went to NAC, left the same company I suppose you work for, in 3 weeks they eliminated him without reason. They said "In Alabama they don't have to have a reason." We have lost everything and are financially ruined. They didn't stick to anything they had him sign, i.e. job offer letter, paying for certain things, etc. They changed everything on us once we moved our family there. Now we've lost our home, auto, credit, everything and they didn't blink an eye at it. We also heard that they've done this to about 3 other people in the AL location. Maybe it wont happen to you, but just be careful, I'd hate to see anyone else in the situation we are in.

NAC isn't all it's cracked up to be. They do have great ideas but they haven't worked all the "bugs" out yet like the competition has.


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