Friday, September 17, 2010

Kidnapping & Foot Abuse

Rickey Alan Hale of Killen briefly kidnapped his wife Ranate (pictured) early Thursday. All ended well for Renate who was released, but not so well for Lauderdale Deputy Tracy Vanderford.

Hale had made it to Center Star before he was pulled over by two deputies; however, in an attempt to avoid arrest, Hale ran over Vanderford's foot. Sheriff Ronnie Willis said all ended well, but we doubt if Vanderford feels the same. There was no immediate word on the condition of the deputy's foot, but Rickey Hale is being held in the Lauderdale County Detention Center.


We're still receiving e-mail concerning Henry J. Searcy, the Leighton Police Chief who was gunned down in 1957. Retired Judge Pride Tompkins tells us that he and his father were friends of Searcy and remembered that the chief was shot in the back.

One would think that Searcy's killer would have received the death sentence for such a crime, but a list of those executed after that date fails to enumerate any from Colbert County. The State of Alabama provides a log of inmates executed since 1927; it can be viewed at this link: Alabama Inmates Executed.


Doc's Political Parlor is listing the Alabama House District 2 race between Lynn Greer (R) and Mike Curtis (D) as a toss-up. Curtis has previously complained that he loses money by serving in the state legislature. Perhaps he will no longer have to worry about that come 2011.


Collect milk bottle caps? It seems many do--this example from the Waco Dairy outside Russellville currently has five bids: Link


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