Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Helen Keller Hospital Afraid of Roaches?

We hear that staff at Helen Keller Hospital in Sheffield has been carrying roach spray around the halls of the hospital. Is the medical facility infested with the buggy buggars?

No. Apparently it's just the staff's way of warning new Coffee Health Group CEO Joe Roach to stay away. At a recent Rotary gathering, Roach was quoted as saying Keller's board members were short-sighted, fearful, and stupid.

Strong language, but it very well may be true. Just who are Keller's board members? Oddly, while the website for the hospital frequently mentions the board, the nine member panel isn't named. A recent article in the TimesDaily identified Larry Collum as the board president.

Another recent TD article commented on Keller's rejection of RegionalCare as a suitor--a move of which the Colbert County Commission approved. Among the three commissioners quoted was Rex Burleson. You may remember Mr. Burleson for his recent comments concerning the great success of the National Alabama rail car plant in Barton.

Do we think RegionalCare is the savior of health care in the Shoals? No, but neither do we think sending patients from the Shoals to Huntsville will improve the status quo. We have to wonder why Keller is so eager to align itself with a hospital out of the immediate area while it shuns any contact with a similar facility just across the river.


Lexington lacks high-speed Internet? One would think so if he/she read Francisco Guerra's recent blurb for his new company Front Porch Communications. While Lexington does lack cable in many neighborhoods, high-speed Internet is readily available via BellSouth/ATT and the Dish Network.

Obvisously, not every home has a land line in this era of cell phone communication, but one would think obtaining a television cable service for Lexington would be the top priority for its elected officials.


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