Monday, September 6, 2010

Should Our News Be Censored?

All the news that fits? Well, the TimesDaily isn't the Rolling Stone, and we're glad it isn't. We prefer to read the local news sans strings of profanity. Yet, just what should be censored?

Perhaps no two reporters or editors will find the same facts important, but we do wonder at much of what is omitted from the TimesDaily. Here's a few recent examples:

Teresa Lannahan arrest: While the TD did eventually report the arrest of the Leighton Town Council member, it failed to mention that Lannahan is the police commissioner of that Colbert County town.

Whitesell Mfg.: The TD did hit the highlights of the OSHA investigation into cost-cutting measures at Whitesell's two local facilities, but failed to report one of the most salient points. From WAFF...

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration called the inspection of Whitesell Corporation in Colbert County the worst inspection they have done on an Alabama organization in a decade.

Cherokee: Okay, we'll give them a pass on this one. If they printed all the shenanigans in that unfair city, it would cause a world shortage of ink.


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The Lauderdale District Court Race: So far, both Carole Coil Medley and James Hall have run super clean campaigns. We've heard Florence Deputy Chief Tim Shaddix has placed signs supporting Medley at many of his rental properties, while much of the Florence Police Department is supporting Hall. We call it neck and neck at this point.


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