Monday, September 27, 2010

Need a Job? Here It Is...

For those who find the Alabama Employment Service JobLink hard to navigate, you may wish to check out this Twitter site. MyAlabamaJob posts new jobs in the state on an hourly basis...and, no, we didn't see any for the Barton rail car plant.



Did the Wilson Dam Road landowners refusing to sell their land for the widening of Hwy 133 cause a fatal accident? The TimesDaily recently broached this subject, but failed to mention which property owners are still holding out. We've heard the State has managed to purchase the Gene Crump estate property at a price agreeable to both sides. With apologies to Lewis Grizzard, if the Alabama Department of Transportation had been in charge of World War II, Germany and Japan would still be in the running.


Only in Alabama: As if the November elections aren't bizarre (or bizaree as they say on the Sweetwater Mansion Facebook page) enough, this year we have Drama, Strange, and Young Boozer on the ballot.


Food for thought on immigration: Among Hispanic Indian/Latino immigrants, the high school graduation rate in Alabama is only 33%. We assume this includes those immigrants from south of the border who speak a native language other than Spanish. It would be interesting to see these stats broken out before Roger Bedford buys the bi-lingual JumboTron scoreboard.


Remember the Sheffield Centennial in 1965? Catch these items on eBay: Link


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