Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who Shot Thelma & Other Pressing Questions

From our e-mail in-box:

Who took the photos of Thelma Lambert? We have no idea. If any of our readers can shed light on this question, please contact us.

Why hasn't the TD reported on Teresa Lannahan's arrest for harassment? Possibly because it's a misdemeanor. We reported on the Leighton Police Commissioner's arrest in part due to information that it's the tip of the iceberg in Leighton. More arrests will follow.

Why is Long-Lewis suing ***** *****? We have no idea on that one either, but if anyone seeks info about a small claim case, the District Judge's office in each county should be able to provide it over the phone.

What's the status of the Lauderdale County Commission investigating George Grabryan? A source at the Lauderdale courthouse tells us the investigation is just getting started, will cover the entire EMA department, and will produce some startling results. We're also hearing basically the same thing from sources outside the courthouse. Stay tuned...


Tyrants, Tyranny, and Transgressions: A Tale of Three Cities

A Guest Commentary By

J.J. Ray

Lightning has struck again in Northwest Alabama. Cherokee and Leighton best known for their nonsensical governance once again rose to the occasion. We have on one hand the police commissioner being arrested in Leighton after the mayor has been accused of various sex crimes. Next, a city council member in Cherokee trying to become the next Linda Lovelace or Paris Hilton of city government by posting some less than attractive pictures on her Facebook page. After viewing these pictures, it gives the term cellulite a complete new meaning. Who took these less than porno pictures anyway and why? Once upon a time, in my teenage years, I was a closet cheerleader for Playboy Magazine but as I matured that urge went away, perhaps the city council member should consider some type of therapy or grow up.

That leaves us with the mayor of Cherokee who changed the locks at city hall while Melinda Malone was at training. Did he get even this time? Of course, there is the constant battle of the Hatfields and McCoys in Cherokee and lewd Lawayne the tyrant mayor in Leighton dictating to the business folks on how and when they will conduct their businesses.

Wow and it’s just Monday. I shudder to think what will happen later on in the week. These two towns with their petty tyrant mayors and dysfunctional city councils get more internet publicity than Glenn Beck does. Sarah Palin will be envious. There are of course the alleged investigations pending of both nefarious towns and its offenders. This should keep the tongues wagging and the keyboards clicking for a month.

Really, folks, is it not time these people cease and desist their childish behavior or vacate their positions and allow some mature individuals to govern--if Governor Riley can find some? So far, his batting average is not too first-rate. Both towns have become the laughing stock of Alabama and maybe the country. When are the citizens going to say enough?

Finally yet importantly, we dare not forget Tuscumbia where we have a chief of police convicted of DUI still patrolling and carrying a firearm. However, that conviction is on appeal again.

There you have it--tyrants, tyranny, and transgressions with dysfunctional city councils. Where is the lame media when you need them? Asleep at the wheel I suspect, or are they too apathetic to cover the stories? Maybe a call to The Tri-Cycle Daily is in order, if you can get anyone to answer the phone.


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