Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hen House Prowler Strikes for Last Time?

Timothy Ron White is no stranger to Colbert law enforcement. Three years ago, the Spring Valley resident was arrested for third degree burglary. Yesterday he was shot after breaking into a hen house--ostensibly to steal copper. Authorities aren't releasing the name of the property owner, but public records indicate Billy W. Mills is the owner of the farm located at 3900 Ricks Lane in Leighton.

We're surprised that ten thousand dollars worth of copper was located in the chicken house, especially without an alarm system. Should the owner have shot White? We'll leave that up to a grand jury, but we do think White is lucky he wasn't removed from the Ricks Lane property in a body bag. Now the least White may expect is a first degree theft charge--probably as a habitual offender. Was it worth it?


From our e-mail bag...

On the historic Florence home at 502 Walnut Street:

She (Delana Blake) lives there with her children. He (Jimmy Neese) lives with his mother in another house on Walnut Street. She (requested he move) a long time ago - Anonymous. (That must make for some interesting neighborhood association meetings.)

On Henry J. Searcy:

When I was 16 years old, I worked for Gene Crump at his first car Lot in Sheffield. Searcy, as he was called, went to the auctions in Mayfield, Ky. with us every week that he could. He taught me to drive very fast and very carefully. He also spent a lot of time just showing me things that every young boy did not have the opportunity to experience. He took me through the jail and showed me around the court house and police station. We both drove too fast and at times probably on the edge of danger. I was devastated when he was killed. He was one of those people in your past that you will never forget!!! To me he was a good man and special friend to me as a young boy. I think because of him; I grew up with a lot of respect for policemen. - Jim Smith

Thank you for writing about Chief Searcy. He was a wonderful man who I believe still has some family in the area that will appreciate it. Your blog has written about many people that would otherwise be forgotten. Thank you for caring. - Anonymous


Many remember Glenn Shadix (Scott) from his days in the Theatre Department at UNA. Here's a brief clip featuring Glenn:


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