Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweetwater & G.H.O.S.T. Non-Profit?

Let's utter a collective sigh for Sweetwater Mansion; we're sure if she could speak she would elect to bemoan her fate with stronger words than we choose to publish here. After a forty year period of neglect, the Weeden Home is beginning to show signs of new life, but at what cost?

The above advertisement invites us to tour the home this year, but according to sources in Bob Leyde's office, the Florence City Clerk has refused to issue a business license for these interior tours. Sweetwater has yet to be certified as a tax-exempt non-profit entity due to a lack of bookkeeping--that and the fact Sweetwater remains a private home owned by Susan Leigh Smithson of Atlanta.

We may assume that the organization Ghost Hunters of Southern Territories (G.H.O.S.T.) does possess a business license for the paranormal investigations it proposes to lead within the mansion. G.H.O.S.T. is the brainchild of Robert Simone who calls himself "investigator, supervisor, founder" of the organization. His Facebook page also references a non-profit group called Alabama Ghost, but a click on that link brings us back to the homepage for G.H.O.S.T.

Simone charges a $35.00 minimum for a one-person tour of the haunted domiciles he represents. His organization may be non-profit due to lack of customers, but we doubt it's for lack of trying.

What will happen if those currently in charge of Sweetwater Mansion attempt to open next Friday without a business license? If the psychic from last year returns, perhaps she can tell us. Otherwise, we're sure the ensuing brouhaha will be covered by local television stations.


Humor is where you find it (or how to make Tomlinson-Sims cringe). From the above ad:

All money raised goes to renivation of Sweetwater Mansion.

We will except professional paranormal investigations at Sweetwater also.


Tomorrow: Susan Leigh Smithson and Skippy Musket


The quality of mercy, from our e-mail bag:

Your an idiot wrapped in a moron! This THUG, Holland Noah Elkins needs to be sent to prison for a long long time. He IS a violent criminal who has committed armed robbery on several occasions including armed bank robbery. How can you even dare to ask for mercy for someone like this?... Now you plead for mercy and forgiveness for someone who has went on a crime spree with at least three armed robberies in less than two years.....that we know about! Innocent people could have been killed by Elkins just so he could obtain drug money. I only hope I end up on the jury for his trial.....My verdict....hang that bastard, TWICE!

What an interesting comment from someone who represents himself as an acquaintance of Holland Elkins. We find nowhere in yesterday's blog did we suggest Holland not receive the appropriate punishment; we did state that the young man needs help. Perhaps it is too late for that now...and that is something we should regret rather than rejoice in.


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