Friday, September 3, 2010

The Word is Repulsive

Cherokee Turning Again: The Word is Repulsive

A Guest Commentary By

J. J. Ray

Today I had the misfortune of reading the venomous blog regarding the Town of Cherokee and some of its council members. It is one thing to criticize the town council for their nonsensical ways of governing but quite another to level unsubstantiated charges against a person's fidelity regarding their marriage. I cannot imagine the emotions Melinda Malone feels seeing such allegations in print on the World Wide Web for all to read. The other council member in question is accused of committing a felony of robbery at some point in his life and yet another person is accused of being gay. There are no appropriate words to describe this person although despicable or repugnant does come to mind.

Given their fervor for spreading non-supported rumors and untruths, he/she quite possibly must have a form of fertilizer in his/her cranial cavity instead of a brain. If I were the parties in question, I would consider finding competent legal advice regarding this matter. The constitution protects our freedom of speech but this is downright libel and slander.

Where is the proof positive to support these slanderous allegations? Do you have certified criminal records plus witness accounts and pictures supporting the adultery charge? On the other hand, are you just a frustrated voyeur that is so miserable you have nothing else better to do than tell partial truths or downright fabrications?

Surely, the person that hides behind that Blog cannot understand the meaning of the words used in this short piece. However, most do know what repulsive means. Some, I am sure know this person and should tell him/her exactly what most feel about this Blog. Rude, crude and socially unacceptable behavior, Mr. Phantom blogger, is not an appropriate way to live. You have reached the pinnacle of infamy for penning this piece of yellow journalism and true character assassination. Perhaps a vacation would help. How about six months all expenses paid at “The Bryce Resort” in Tuscaloosa?


How do they keep their costs down?


The Sherwin-Williams Police have again raided a Shoals business. The SK Package Store on Huntsville Road has been charged with illegally using Traffic Cone Yellow for off-road purposes, creating a traffic hazard, and frightening small children.


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