Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on UNA Robbery/Friday Night Lights

According to sources at the Florence Police Department, there's been little headway made in the investigation of a robbery involving three or more UNA students last Tuesday night. You may read the basic story at this TimesDaily link; however, there was one aspect of the crime that has yet to be reported.

It seems the three robbers, one of whom reportedly carried a Glock, used the three stolen cell phones to text the individuals listed in the phones' address book. The miscreants' plan apparently was to lure other victims to a secluded location where they would also be robbed. We're hearing that some UNA students felt the university's automated warning system was too little too late concerning this would-be crime wave.


Those Friday Night Lights

A Guest Commentary By

J. J. Ray

Recently I found the America no one hears about any more. I got to experience high school football. Many years have passed since I had been to a game. The crowds were cheering on both sides. Neighbors were visiting--some had not seen each other since last year. The cheerleaders were hollering "defense, defense" and the air was electric with excitement. Best of all this is America at her finest. The American flags were gathered about, they even played “The Star Spangled Banner” as all stood, and some even placed their hands over their hearts out of respect. A woman whom I had never seen before sang “God Bless America” without a lawsuit being filed to stop her and the game began.

The great part of this whole scenario is that it happens all across this great land from sea to shining sea in towns small and large.

Those that are in Washington now and their ACLU pals cannot destroy this America. From those green fields comes our next breed of leaders and patriots though they do not know it yet. The teams are a mix of races all playing with a common goal. Where else can the moms and dads, grandparents and friends from all races and religions come together and be just Americans. They just are enjoying the children playing a game chasing a small brown ball.

The smells from the concession stands with the kids working so hard and the girls giggling about this or that player and the fight songs from the high school band, it is one of our finest hours. These towns are the true backbone of this nation.

This had such a wakening effect one me I had to pass it on. Perhaps those that want to destroy this country with their socialist agendas have not been to a Friday night game lately. Perchance, this is what is missing in their lives--true red, white and blue America at its finest. When the game ended there was no somberness, each bade one another so long until next week and the stadium went dark. Thank God for “Those Friday Night Lights.” Have you been lately?


Did you hear about the mysterious white powder that caused the closing of Decatur City Hall yesterday? It seems the substance was only baby forumula.

Some years ago at a courthouse in South Alabama, several employees arriving at work one Monday were immediately struck by the stench of decomposition coming from the ladies room. A quick peek in the trash can caused one employee to call police to report a fetus or stillbirth had been discarded...or perhaps worse.

After police and a forensics team arrived, along with the coroner, a cow's tongue was safely removed from the courthouse. Gingerly carrying the bovine body part out of the building, one detective was said to have looked more than slightly irritated when he answered reporters' questions--yes, it was definitely "full term."


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