Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Muslems Are Coming, The Muslems Are Coming

The Muslims Are Coming, The Muslims Are Coming

A Guest Commentary By

J. J. Ray

Everyone find cover, we are being invaded. The one thing in life that truly amazes me is our predisposition for fear. Truly, that what we do not understand we fear, “When all we have to fear is fear itself”. Watching with great interest the battle over the proposed Mosque at ground zero, I am still stunned. Not that I want it built on the spot where so many lives were lost at the hands of radicals. Rather, that the some in the Muslim community that want to be part of this country would prefer to inflict more pain and suffering on those that lost so much. Once again, that is only a few.

The question was asked by the talking heads if this were a Jewish temple or a Christian church would we object. No, it was Islamic jihadists that murdered and maimed all those people, not to mention the cost, which is in the billions. I do not think I can remember when we had a Jew or real Christian attack this country. This country forgave the Axis of Evil that started the Second World War, though it did take time. Remember time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.

Aside from their lack of respect by some regarding this issue most Muslims that I know are really very decent people. They are citizens of this great country but have a different religious belief than most of the Christians or Jews. In no way do I profess to understand the Koran, yet they however know a great deal about our Bible. Now that is interesting.

Make no mistake they live among us. Some are doctors, engineers, business owners etc. They cause no problems here in North Alabama. However, they are an additional asset for our community. Why then do we fear them so much? Because most of us get our information from the talking heads on the tube. Those jihadists Muslims that are discussed so much make up only a fraction of the Muslim population. Just as we have our problem people like the Skinheads and the KKK, they also have theirs.

Years ago, I had a Hindu doctor save my life. The doctor did not care what my beliefs were before she saved my life. Thank the Lord; she just saved my mangy hide.

Still I do not believe that ground zero is an appropriate place for a mosque. After all, is not it time we began to heal and forgive? The mosque would be a constant reminder of the pain and suffering. That does not mean they cannot build elsewhere. Perhaps we need to take the time and learn about our neighbors whether they are Muslin, Hindu, Sikh, Hebrew or Buddhist. You can never tell, they might just be normal folks.

If, I am not mistaken, did some folks that were searching for a place to practice their religion without reprisal not found this country?


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Our local hero today is Morris T. Lentz. Yesterday Morris and his fellow firefighters helped Rogersville remember 9/11. Besides his role of volunteer firefighter, Morris also participates in several activities geared toward promoting Rogersville and all of Northwest Alabama. We can think of no one who is truly more of a hero than Morris.


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