Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colbert County Commission Feels Betrayed by Helen Keller Board?

Commissioner Troy Woodis stated yesterday he felt betrayed by the actions of Helen Keller Hospital's 12 member board. Imagine that. The board met only briefly before voting to "give" the medical facility to the powers that be at Huntsville Hospital. Why did the board not see the need to consult with the Colbert County Commission first?

Possibly because the commission previously had nothing but praise for the board even when it refused to meet with representatives from RegionalCare. You remember RegionalCare, don't you? That was the entity that actually offered Keller cash money for the hospital. Why would the Helen Keller Board turn down such a huge sum, a sum that would have paid off its debts and left it with 30 million in change? Can we say the river runs wide and spite runs deep.

Can the Colbert County Commission legally negate the deal? We're told the commission's attorney has a conflict of interest. Reports are still coming in. Stay tuned...


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