Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's Visit Helen Keller Hospital...

We'll start with a quick visit to their website. The site is professionally done and offers many links; unfortunately none of them lists the names of the Board of Directors. Besides Board President Larry Collum, we have determined Steve Hargrove of Sheffield City Schools is also a member. We'll continue to publish names as we discover them in case any Colbert County citizens wish to call them and, oh, I dunno, perhaps complain about giving away their hospital.

If your interest in the hospital should extend beyond the board, you may look at several previous advertisements that have recently appeared in the TimesDaily. We're not sure why anyone would wish to, but the site offers them nonetheless.

There's also a link to a page entitled "Recipes." There the reader may peruse a few heart healthy recipes as well as learn what the cafeteria is serving during the upcoming week. We were enchanted to know the Keller Cafe is serving baked ziti. Unfortunately, we have no idea what ziti is, baked or otherwise.

The link to a site entitled "Physicians" is more helpful. We find that Dr. William Roddy is still on staff, while Dr. Christopher Gay is not. A quick visit to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners shows that:

On September 9, (2010), the Commission entered an Order placing on indefinite probation the license to practice medicine in Alabama of Christopher P. Gay, D. O., license number DO.687, Sheffield AL, with certain restrictions.

So, what have we learned from our visit to Oz, er, Helen Keller Hospital? Not anything of great import. In fact, their website offers no clue that they've just sold out to Huntsville Hospital. Of course, we're using the term "sold" loosely since HKH received no actual money form Huntsville Hospital.

RegionalCare was offering HKH sixty million--sixty million and the board would not even return RegionalCare's phone calls. When Joe Roach called the Keller Board dumb he wasn't just humming La Cucaracha.


Political Courage Test? Project Vote Smart offers a Political Courage Test for all state and national candidates. So far, none running in the Northwest Alabama area has taken and returned the test. You may see a PDF version of the 11 part test here: Link

***** is a site advocating "gay marriage" in Alabama. Lonnie Walker drafted a petition on this site that "demands" gay marriage be "aloud" in our state.

We have absolutely no idea how Mr. Walker arrived at this conclusion, but according to his website, the pols who will make this happen are:

Don Young, Spencer Bachus, Jo Bonner, Mike Rogers, Richard Shelby, Jeff Sessions, Bob Riley, Mike Curtis, Micky Hammon, Marcel Black, Henry White, Robert Aderholt, Bobby Bright, Parker Griffith, and Tammy Irons.

If they refuse to take the Political Courage test, we doubt they will openly lobby for gay marriage. We would love to hear from Mr. Walker on what basis he created this eclectic list.


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