Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Who Is Irresponsible? Perhaps It's the Judge

H. Mark Kennedy is a former judge and the current chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. If your political leanings are so far to the left that you reside in Leningrad or if you have a very strong stomach, you may follow him on Twitter:

Justice Mark Kennedy

Be forewarned that you will be joining Kennedy's throng of 13 current followers. Yes, we said 13--pathetic, isn't it?

But perhaps you don't know Judge/Chairman Kennedy. Just how did he come to be an Alabama Supreme Court Judge, now retired, and later Chairman of the Dems? The fact that he's the son-in-law of the late Gov. George Wallace should give us a clue.

Now it seems he's calling the Republicans "irresponsible" concerning their immigration bill, throwing in the word "ridiculous" for good measure. Well, you can't say he's afraid to take a stance. How do most Alabamians feel? We hope they tell Markie Mark it's time to pack up his extended family and head for...oh, how about outer Mongolia...or anywhere outside this state where the Wallace/Kennedy family has ranted, raved, and pillaged for the last five decades.