Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Samaritan: "Additional Arrests Are Possible"

Buried in the "B" section of the TimesDaily on September 8th was a short article on the scheduled December sentencing of Randy Gist, former owner of Good Samaritan Hospice in Florence. At the bottom of the story lay a bombshell: (Tim) Case said additional arrests are possible.

Certainly anything is possible, but why mention this tidbit to the press if Case wasn't sure it was a major possibility? Was he referring to the physician who owned half the defunct hospice? Or was he referring to the business manager, a nurse who was stripped of the "Registered" credential long ago?

Rumors abound that the FBI is hot on the case of another local physician who is said to have committed major Medicare fraud. Perhaps our Federal investigative arm needs to set up a special Shoals office for those who see Medicare as their personal gravy train.


The call came to ECM late on the morning of September 11, 2001. Authorities instructed the hospital to prepare every available room; the Florence hospital would soon be receiving stable patients from the UAB burn unit.

None came. None came because UAB received no critically injured and burned patients who needed the beds more. They were all dead.

As personnel at ECM stood and waited for the influx, so did their counterparts in Birmingham. How long before they realized the futility of their preparation? How long before our country realized the magnitude of what occurred early on that Tuesday morning?

Each of us reacted in different ways. Many joined the military. Others resolved to change what could be changed. We fall into the latter category. We can't go to Washington and tell them how to do things. We can work to make the Shoals a safer and more productive area in which to live. Let's recommit to that today.

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