Thursday, September 22, 2011

The "Catfish Wrapper" is Back!/Mary Carton Has Grit

We're showcasing two, or more correctly three, local artists today. While they couldn't be more different, they both epitomize what's special about the Shoals area in general and Colbert County in particular. If you don't watch anything else until TBS begins its Halloween marathon, you have to watch this eye-opening video from Steve & Sheri Wiggins, aka The Catfish Wrapper:

We believe every word of this insightful video is true. Unfortunately, that includes the great divide between the two counties. Let's try to put this aside for a few minutes and take a long look at RegionalCare and its plans for Helen Keller Hospital...or at least what this mega-corporation's plans were. We here in Florence have recently been up in arms over our garbage situation. Let's hope the entire Shoals area will now similarly unite in the quest for the best health care.

Thank you, Steve & Sheri for all your efforts. We've named Steve a local hero once before, but now we want to proclaim both Steve & Sheri Wiggins local heroes for all they do for Sheffield, Colbert County, and the Shoals area.

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Our second local artist is our friend Mary Carton. Mary not only writes a local blog, Rosedale Gardens, she also blogs for Grit Magazine. Currently, she's also running the Facebook site Remember Tuscumbia, but that's still not all. Mary has used her photography skills to bring us 2012 Tuscumbia Alabama. We'll have more information about this calendar when it's officially on sale.


Sometimes overheard conversations can be the most enlightening, not to mention entertaining. We often hear others comment on various writers, painters, sculptors, etc., by announcing they could do just as well. Perhaps they can, but are they? It's not just having talent that sets one apart from the crowd, but knowing how to use it and promote it--something our local artists do very well.