Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is 27.5 Years Justice? You Betcha!

Franklin County residents should be glad Steven Jeffrey Cain was indicted on Federal charges instead of state. Now Cain will have to serve most, if not all, of his 27.5 year sentence for robbery and being a felon with unrestored rights in possession of a firearm. The drug store bandit could possibly be 79 years old before he again sees freedom.

What if Cain had been tried on state charges? When a Lauderdale County man murders his step-daughter during a rape attempt and receives 25 years, or a four time rapist gets three years in Franklin County, or a Lauderdale drug dealer is sentenced to ten years for the murder of a nurse, who knows what Cain's sentence might have been?

The police officer Cain attempted to shoot: Jake Tompkins


Lindsay Pulsipher

Looks like Cypress Moon Productions has found an interesting replacement for the role of Bonnie Parker. The new star of Bonnie & Clyde may draw more fans than the original choice Hilary Duff.


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