Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bernie Delinski Does Indeed Have a Fan Page!

Some months ago a Facebook wag questioned, "Bernie Delinski has a fan page?" Indeed he does, and we think he's well deserving of one, if for no other reason than his annual commencement address and his putting up with the editors/publishers of the Totally Decatur. If you enjoy Bernie, we encourage you to become a fan:


For those who grow more and more disappointed with our daily rag, there's still:


Recently we've had a large number of inquiries concerning two individuals with high profile arrests in Franklin County. We have been informed today that the grand jury will meet next week, but the list of cases to be presented was not available. We will continue to call and to report in the days to come.

Obviously the charges against Jeremy Shane Hall should be of great interest to everyone. There has been a civil suit already filed against the former Russellville police sergeant. If not indicted or convicted of state charges, Hall could conceivably face Federal charges.

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