Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mayor Irons Failed... add many "hidden costs" to the costs of continuing burying our trash. It will cost 2 million to line the new cell, the cost of further legal battles, permits, and surveys. All in the hope that ADEM will allow the City to continue operating a leaking landfill.
-- Scott Ruffrage from Save Cypress Creek

Not to mention there may be only four months of use left in the current landfill no matter the decision. If you care about Florence and Cypress Creek, write your council member now, fax, or call.


While on the subject of garbage, we regularly receive reports of three or more individuals who walk the streets of Florence immediately before garbage/trash pickup and rummage through cans. Dumpsters may provide some "prizes," but garbage cans? We assume they're looking for aluminum or other metal products, but this is such an unsanitary...and dangerous...hobby that we suggest either the city council enact some measure against it or the police enforce any current laws on the books.


Sadly inclement weather prevented the Walkin' with the Outlaws historical tour this week, but don't despair. This cool weather should put us all in the mood for autumn and All Hallows' Eve. Here's the skinny on this year's Ghost Walk.