Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog...

Murphy's Law--Corollary IV: If it can be misunderstood, it will be.

We recently announced that we would be "partnering" with The Connection (as well as some other blogs) on political ads. This has apparently caused some confusion, which we will attempt to dispel.

1. The only other blogs in the Shoalanda Group at this time are Shoals Crime, Quad-Cities Cuisine, & Shoals Blogs (which we need to update).

2. Shoalanda Speaks is primarily a political blog and takes stands on local issues and politicians.

3. The Connection is an Internet magazine which has no publishing connections to Shoalanda and which does not endorse any candidates.

4. Blogs associated with The Connection are Nurse Nan, DOGed PURRsuit, & Trader Evaluates.

5. Shoalanda Speaks and The Connection have entered into an advertising agreement (we think the word partnering threw some readers off) to offer political ads in the upcoming election. This agreement includes other ads (we have been running two retail ads for some time) and will also possibly include some blogs not belonging to either group. Advertisers may choose cafeteria style on which sites they wish to advertise.

6. All advertising will be handled through Trader ( We do not know bundle rates, etc., or which other blogs are available at this time.

7. Extremely Important: We endorse candidates on this blog. If candidate A wishes to advertise on Shoalanda, he/she needs to be aware that we may endorse candidate B. This will in no way impact the quality or placement of advertising on our site.

We hope that clears up any misconceptions about our future advertising.


We'll continue our series on local artists tomorrow.