Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Laws, Attractions, & Laws of Attraction

Much of Alabama's "Illegal Immigrant" bill seems to be left intact by the Federal courts. Now, we play a waiting game to see how the new laws that remain on the books will impact our state. New laws and a new industry that actually exists--sounds good.


Local Halloween attractions are certainly gearing up, and as our friend O.B. said recently, there's something for everyone. We salute another local artist today: Debra Glass. Debra has brought the Shoals a Florence ghost walk now for several seasons, and it just keeps getting better. For this October's schedule, you may visit:

Debra is indeed an artist, having published several local histories as well as numerous novels of romantic fiction. Since the death of Beverly (Barton) Beaver, Debra is undoubtedly the area's most well known author. Way to go, Deb!


Laws of attraction? Have you heard the latest PC term? There are, at least to a few disturbed and misguided individuals, no more pedophiles. These sick individuals are merely "minor attracted." What a wonderful defense for school teachers who seduce and rape our children.

Does anyone find this new term surprising? When it takes 21 months and counting to try a teacher who has sex with a minor student (Amanda Watkins), or nine months and counting to make a ruling on the licensure of a teacher accused of inappropriate and unwanted physical contact with his students (Keith McGuire), there is a problem with the system.