Saturday, September 17, 2011

"I'm Not Good at Losing"

RegionalCare CEO Joe Roach says he isn't good at losing. That could be good or bad. Of course a hospital in today's world is a business. No more paying with produce or livestock; and you do get what you pay for. Our problem? Why did RegionalCare sign an agreement to build in Lauderdale and then go looking in Colbert? Rather like getting married and looking at singles ads on your honeymoon, isn't it?


For the second time in this brave new world of the Internet, the TimesDaily has updated its web site, and for the second time all archives appear to be lost. Oh, well, you say, you don't have to go through the TD site--there's always Google. Sorry. Google no longer displays them either, unless you can find a cached version of some articles.

The interesting part? The TD made such a show of updating its forum with a format that would save past discussions, but thought nothing of using a new server that would delete its archives from 2001 (the last update) until the present. They probably thought it was no great loss since few articles concerned Decatur.


On the subject of the new TD format, we see they're now calling their classifieds "stuff." Hmmm, we can remember when teachers encouraged their students to read the local rag in order to improve their vocabulary.