Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just Who Is Wasting Colbert Taxpayers' Money at the Courthouse?

Let's see if we have all the facts here:

* There's a new security system at the Colbert County Courthouse.
* The security system doesn't work unless all entrances/exits are sealed off except the Water Street door.
* Robbie Carter who is in charge of courthouse operations wants to remove the inner doors to a weather lock at the entrance or at least deactivate an automatic opening device.
* The man who designed the new security system, Norman Schramm, has stated no one informed him of any plans to change the layout/system he designed and he's not in favor of it.
* No matter what's done, there are going to be lines out the door at peak times due to the new system.
* Probate Judge Daniel Rosser will be left holding the bag for much of this, at least with the public, even though he had no part in the design or implementation of this boondoggle.

Did that just about sum it up? Does the term SNAFU come to mind? Is anyone keeping up with all the monetary ramifications of this project? Do the Colbert County taxpayers deserve better? 

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